Dr. James Hollis is a Washington D.C. based Jungian psychoanalyst (no longer accepting new analytic clients) and the author of twenty books.

LA film maker Jose Pardo and I are pleased to inform you that we have completed our film on the wounding and healing of men. It runs 23 minutes and is available for a massive $1.99 to individuals, and $150 for groups and organizations.

The purpose of this film is to stimulate reflection and initiate dialogue around the troubled condition of many, if not most, modern men. After we recoup our out of pocket expenses, all profits will be donated to non-profits benefiting abused women or young men at risk. We hope you find this film provocative and worthy of discussion. Please see www.soulhealfilm.com.

And from England, comes this recent film, "Summons of the Soul."

Please also enjoy this April 2020 interview from the Art of Manliness podcast on the subject of Finding Meaning in The Second Half of Life.

If you are interested in more information/classes on Jungian concepts, you might find something helpful at the Jung Platform website.