Dr. James Hollis is a Washington D.C. based Jungian psychoanalyst and the author of seventeen books.

His current project takes him in a bold new direction. It is a documentary film tentatively titled "Soulheal." James is collaborating with filmmaker José Enrique Pardo and producer Shon Tomlin on this project, which is inspired by his book “Under Saturn’s Shadow.”

The film will explore the current crisis of the contemporary masculine psyche. Why are many modern men adrift, dispirited, lacking in vision, and deprived of meaningful and soul-satisfying lives? In service to what values do they live? What can they learn from women? Can they connect with their souls and renew their purpose?

We hope the film will touch the men that experience it; help them to heal. The collective healing of men is so desperately needed for our culture. If you would like to make a contribution to help us bring this film to the world, please click on this link.

And from England, comes this recent film, "Summons of the Soul."

Please also enjoy this April 2020 interview from the Art of Manliness podcast on the subject of Finding Meaning in The Second Half of Life.