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I am pleased to share with you this partnership with award-winning filmmaker Jose Enrique Pardo . Jose and I are collaborating on a documentary exploring the state of the contemporary masculine psyche, and a troubled place it is. Modern men are generally adrift, and lack vision or soul-satisfying plans for their lives. Modern women are wonderfully grabbing hold of new freedoms and moving forward with alacrity, vision, and commitment while so many men are dispirited and aimless. Rightly outgrowing the tradition of dehumanizing expectations for men--that life is about dominating someone else, making money or grabbing power, and perpetually competing to prove one's shaky sense of self--but whither do they go now? In service to what values? What can they learn from women to access a different source within which links them to their souls, and restores enthusiasm and purpose for them? How can any of our relationships ever improve if men have such a poor relationship to themselves?

In this film we will be talking with some very thoughtful people on these subjects, visiting men at work and play, and seeing what answers we can find to these questions. It is our hope in making this film to assist in the healing process which is so desperately needed for our culture.

We invite you to view the short trailer on the web page below, and consider if you are interested in a deductible, non-profit contribution to this project. Thank you for your time. The trailer can be viewed at:

What is Depth Psychology?
What is "depth psychology," and how does it differ from other forms of psychological theory and practice? And, how can depth psychology recover a sense of purpose, greater dignity of soul, and revitalized personal authority?

If you are a psychotherapist please do feel free to embed this short film on your website.

The video can be downloaded from the Share Ideas channel at Vimeo.

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